WordPress and Security – an Important Guide

WordPress and Security – an Important Guide

WordPress powers approximately 50% of all the websites online around the world. This means that it is a very attractive platform for hackers to try and compromise as it gives them the ability to take down many websites in just one go.

We’ve prepared this guide to help you understand the risks and threats as well as explaining how you can defend against them.

Choose a custom username and strong password
The default WordPress login is “admin” and all WordPress hackers know this. Usernames can only be changed using phpMyAdmin after WordPress is installed so it is important to choose an un-common username when installing WordPress.

Assuming you are using Softaculous for installing WordPress, you may specify the username on the installation setup screen.

Good strong passwords are equally important for basic security of your WordPress. Choose a selection of letters and numbers not based on a dictionary word. Worried about how you might remember it? We suggest using RoboForm or LastPass tools in order to securely store all your passwords.

Do not use the same username and password as your hosting account or any other installed web application.

Perform updates on a constant basis
Update your WordPress installation regularly. We suggest that you check for updates at least once a week as WordPress developers frequently release new updates/patches to secure any security holes that hackers have exposed.

You can update WordPress from the admin area or you can update WordPress directly from within Softaculous.

Back up regularly
Back up your WordPress blog regularly. This means that if you are faced with a hacking attack, you can quickly and easily roll back at any time. At AryanIct, we have two backup options available for you.