Create your web presence in Afghanistan

TLDMin. YearsRegisterTransferRenew
.com1$15.00 USD$13.00 USD$15.00 USD
.net1$13.49 USD$13.49 USD$17.00 USD
.org1$17.00 USD$17.00 USD$17.00 USD
.af1$30.00 USD$45.00 USD$30.00 USD
.com.af1$25.00 USD$40.00 USD$25.00 USD
.org.af1$25.00 USD$40.00 USD$25.00 USD
.gov.af1$25.00 USD$40.00 USD$25.00 USD
.edu.af1$25.00 USD$40.00 USD$25.00 USD
.net.af1$25.00 USD$40.00 USD$25.00 USD
.tv.af1$45.00 USD$70.00 USD$45.00 USD
.media.af1$45.00 USD$70.00 USD$45.00 USD
.eu1$12.95 USD$12.95 USD$12.95 USD
.ca1$11.49 USD$11.49 USD$11.49 USD
.info1$27.00 USD$27.00 USD$27.00 USD
.biz1$12.59 USD$12.59 USD$12.59 USD
.us1$8.95 USD$8.95 USD$8.95 USD
.in1$7.99 USD$7.99 USD$7.99 USD
.tv1$34.95 USD$34.95 USD$34.95 USD
.fm1$99.99 USD$99.99 USD$99.99 USD
.mobi1$14.95 USD$14.95 USD$14.95 USD
.tel1$14.95 USD$14.95 USD$14.95 USD
.asia1$12.49 USD$12.49 USD$12.49 USD
.me1$23.99 USD$23.99 USD$23.99 USD
.co1$35.00 USD$35.00 USD$35.00 USD
.pw1$10.00 USD$10.00 USD$10.00 USD
.uk1$19.99 USD$19.99 USD$19.99 USD
.co.uk1$10.00 USD$10.00 USD$10.00 USD
.de1$7.99 USD$7.99 USD$7.99 USD
.international1$17.99 USD$17.99 USD$17.99 USD
.today1$17.99 USD$17.99 USD$17.99 USD
.media1$70.00 USD$70.00 USD$70.00 USD
.press1$61.99 USD$61.99 USD$61.99 USD
.host1$78.99 USD$78.99 USD$78.99 USD
.co.in1$5.00 USD$5.00 USD$5.00 USD
.video1$25.00 USD$25.00 USD$25.00 USD
.sale1$29.99 USD$29.99 USD$29.99 USD
.com.au2$50.00 USD$50.00 USD$50.00 USD
.com.co1$14.00 USD$14.00 USD$14.00 USD
.online1$50.00 USD$50.00 USD$50.00 USD
.ws1$20.00 USD$20.00 USD$20.00 USD
.pizza1$42.89 USD$42.89 USD$42.89 USD
.pro1$20.00 USD$20.00 USD$20.00 USD
.store1$27.99 USD$27.99 USD$27.99 USD
.salon1$53.00 USD$53.00 USD$53.00 USD
.org.uk1$20.00 USD$20.00 USD$20.00 USD
.news1$25.79 USD$25.79 USD$25.79 USD
.tech1$15.00 USD$15.00 USD$15.00 USD
.health1$80.00 USD$80.00 USD$80.00 USD
.com.cn1$15.00 USD$15.00 USD$15.00 USD

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