COVID-19 | Our continuity plan

COVID-19 | Our continuity plan


Dear customers,
First and foremost, we hope that you and your loved ones are doing well.In the face of the current unprecedented public health crisis, we wanted to let you know that our entire team is hard at work to ensure the continuity of our services.
As our team works remotely from the relative safety of their own homes, our operations remain unchanged, allowing us to guarantee the continued operation of our services and our usual quality of service, 24/7.

Our infrastructure is remotely monitored in real time by our operation team. We have already taken all necessary measures in case direct human intervention is required.

Please know that you can check the status of our services at any time via our status page:

For all support requests, our Customer care team is ready and available.

During this unprecedented time, please rest assured that we are all involved in make sure our services continue to operate as normal.

Our thoughts are on our customers and on everyone impacted by the current circumstances.

Please be responsible and take care of your loved ones.

— The Team