cPanel Server Management in Afghanistan

Affordable and cheap server management services with the finest quality.

Let your servers be CentOS 5, 6, 7 and Redhat Enterprise editions or any other CPanel supported OS, our system admins are available 24x7 to provide you top class services at the lowest prices!

Internal cPanel Server Management

within our network:          
cPanel Dedicated Unlimited Accoounts $60.00/mo
VPS Optimized cPanel Unlimited Accoounts $50.00/mo

External cPanel Server Management

outside of our network:          
cPanel Dedicated Up to 100 Accounts $55.00/mo
VPS Optimized cPanel Up to 100 Accounts $45.00/mo

External outside of our network Account price over 100 - $0.20.
All of's server packages come with a free copy of cPanel and WHM. It is not necessary to purchase this unless you are in need of more than one installation.
Our technical team members are experts in securing your servers. We will configure and tweak your server with the best security software and tools.