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Dear customers, First and foremost, we hope that you and your loved ones are doing well. In the face of the current unprecedented public health crisis, we wanted to let you know that our entire team is hard at work to ensure the continuity of our services. As our team works remotely from the relative safety of their own homes, our operations remain unchanged, allowing us to guarantee the continued operation of our services and our usual quality of service, 24/7. Our infrastructure is remotely monitored in real time by our... ...read more

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The following section is simple steps to take before adding additional software and plugins. Skip ahead to the next section if you’ve taken stock on your current WordPress set-up. Upgrade Your WordPress: Always make sure you have the latest and greatest version of WordPress installed for your account. Every new version of WordPress should have software installed that optimizes your site faster than before. Update Your Plugins: You’re not done updating. It’s important to check your plugins with every new WordPress... ...read more

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KernelCare is a CloudLinux product that provides stability for your Linux server. KernelCare puts an end to rebooting servers by automatically installing patches and bug fixes to your running server without impacting performance. KernelCare Benefits for Linux Server No More Reboots: Anyone with a Linux server knows kernel updates and reboots are a normal part of server upkeep and protection. Well now you can go years without a single reboot. One single line of code will ensure you never miss another kernel security patch. Maximum... ...read more

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Whether you’re planning to set up a new gaming server rig, an office dev server, or a production hosting server, normally the hardest part is determining the correct hardware to get your specific job done. Questions will arise. What kind of server do I need? Do you need a single CPU or would two be better? Will this chassis support the motherboard I just ordered? Do I need a raid card? Will this RAM even work? With so many hardware options available, ordering and building a server properly is challenging for novices and experts... ...read more

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WordPress powers approximately 50% of all the websites online around the world. This means that it is a very attractive platform for hackers to try and compromise as it gives them the ability to take down many websites in just one go. We’ve prepared this guide to help you understand the risks and threats as well as explaining how you can defend against them. Choose a custom username and strong password The default WordPress login is “admin” and all WordPress hackers know this. Usernames can only be changed... ...read more

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How many times have you been put off by scores of spam mails when you open your email client, hoping to be able to find that elusive contract mail from a client? Website owners and administrators would vouch for the fact that there is hardly anything as irritating as being caught in a flood of spam mails. And when you are left battling it out without a complex spam avoiding and removing tool, the irritation heightens into sheer anger and frustration. Thankfully, cPanel takes care of your administrative troubles dealing with spam mails... ...read more

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Call it what you want, a giant boondoggle or the greatest thing to happen to commerce since money, but the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has revealed the applications for the new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD). These aren’t your COMs and NETs from way back in 2011, but the .COKE and .FATBABY or whatever you can conjure and afford. There were some surprises, like the multitude of companies going after .APP does not include Apple, Inc., and Google went bonkers, applying for more than 100 new domain... ...read more